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Aging in Place

Article downloadable in both languages. Fdn.Aging in Place.En Fdn.Vieillir sur Place.Fre For more information about Aging in place go to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Aging in Place by Nick Gromicko and Kate Tarasenko “Aging in place” is the phenomenon

New Carbon Monoxide regulations in Ontario, does it affect you?

New Carbon Monoxide regulations, does it affect you? What is Carbon Monoxide? Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odourless, colorless gas created when fuels (such as gasoline, wood, coal, natural gas, propane, oil, and methane) burn incompletely and is often called

Ottawa Spring Maintenance

The warmer weather is finally upon us after a marathon winter. This past winter had many ups and downs in more ways than one. The temperature swings, usually right after fresh snow caused excessive ice build up around the exterior

Home Inspection Hotpoints

Most real estate transactions now involve a home inspector. The inspector’s job is to find defects or issues with a house that can affect the value of a property for either the buyer or the seller. Most people believe that

Easy Home Maintenance

You don’t think that you are very handy. No problem, there is always a first time. Our houses are always in need of something…why not do some of things which aren’t too expensive or “tool heavy” and leave the complicated

Spring is Coming are You Ready?

Spring is almost upon us, we hope…That means as the snow and ice melts and the speed at which it does melt can mean potential excess water around our homes. I have spent 15 years keeping water out of the