Community Involvement. Terry Fox Run 2014

At Foundation & Up Home Inspections, we believe that community is extremely important. And that it is essential to give back to the greater community in which we live.

Though the size and shape of the communities that make up Eastern Ontario varies differently from Dense Urban (downtown Ottawa)to rural (West Carleton), from suburb (Riverside South or Orleans) to small town (Carleton Place or Embrum). We all have some things in common.

We believe that community donations are important. That is why we are going to donate a portion of our inspection fee into our community and others that might need our help. That is why we will help support some of the community efforts in the areas we live.


Here are some of our recipients whom Foundation & Up made donations to:

Over the past few months Foundation & Up has dedicated a fair amount of resources to volunteering with various elements of the Syrian refugee community. We are helping with transportation, integration and work experience, come back and see what we are doing.