Rates for Home Inspections 2018

The rates for home inspections by Foundation & Up Home Inspections Ltd. can be found in the following table. These rates are based on the size of the structure and the location of the property within Eastern Ontario. If you have any questions in regards to our home inspection rates or if you cannot find your type of property (such as duplex, triplex) in the table, contact us and we will deal with these properties on an individual basis.

Home Inspection Rates

Single or semi detached, less than 2000 sq ft: $420

Type and Size Cost *
Condominium highrise up to 1000 sq ft $295
Single or semi detached, less than 2000 sq ft $420
Condo or townhome, less than 2000 sq ft $420
Single home or Townhome, 2000-3000sq ft $475
Single home, 3000-4000sq ft $545
Duplex $550-650+
Triplex $600-700+
Radon Testing $250
Septic Inspection-exposed tank lids $250+
Septic-hourly rate digging $60/hr+
Thermal Imaging $50+
Travel fee, Zone 2 $50
Travel fee, Zone 3 $90



*All Inspection Fees are subject to HST. And all Fees must be paid before the inspection report will be made available to you.

+Based on size and complexity.