Seller Home Inspection

Pre-Listing or Pre-Sale Home Inspection

By having a Pre-Listing Home Inspection you will find out what issues may be present in your home before you put it on the market.  In doing so you eliminate potential bargaining chips that can be used by potential buyers to devalue your home and do any necessary changes on your own terms and schedule.

A Pre-Sale Home Inspection gives you the knowledge that you require to make decisions about which repairs, if any, you wish to tackle and those that you don’t. It eliminates the surprises and allows you to be prepared rather than reactionary. A Pre-Sale Home Inspection keeps you in the driver’s seat and reduces potential costly delays in closing.

As the seller, you would also have the option of disclosing the Home Inspection report to potential buyers, helping to inform them about your home and give you an advantage over similar properties also on the market.  Having your home inspected prior to listing with a realtor has some distinct advantages but most importantly time.  Time to do repairs or to decide on an accurate listing price.  Foundation & Up would like to contribute to the successful sale of your current home by providing a detailed Pre-Listing or Pre-Sale Home Inspection.

All of our Home Inspections follow the InterNACHI Standards of Practice and are delivered in a written digital report within 24hrs.