Spring is Coming are You Ready?

Spring is almost upon us, we hope…That means as the snow and ice melts and the speed at which it does melt can mean potential excess water around our homes. I have spent 15 years keeping water out of the bottom half of people’s homes and it is true, that if you have an issue it should be resolved by a professional, but here are five ways to limit the amount of water from pooling around your house and limit the (gasp) penetrating of water through the foundation.

  1. Help divert roof water away from your foundation by monitoring and clearing the end of your downspout of snow and ice.
  2. Clear a path for roof water to flow freely away from the foundation to an appropriate location.
  3. Try and clear as much snow and ice off horizontal surfaces that are near or attached to your foundation, such as decks, steps and raised gardens to prevent water going OVER your foundation.
  4. Clear out window wells of snow. Basement windows below grade are often a weak spot for water penetration.
  5. If you have a sump pump, do a manual test (even if there is no water) to make sure it works and inspect the discharge terminus for blockage.

Diversion of water away from the foundation is the first step towards keeping water out of your basement. Though diversion won’t stop everything it’s a good start. Another time we will look at solutions for foundation problems.

However, if you are about the yard with the improved weather, why not inspect the outside of the structure for any new damage or wear and tear that may have occurred over the winter, that gives you the MOST amount of time for you to schedule any required before next winter and reduce “surprises”.

Enjoy your spring planting.