The Inspector


Home Inspector – Chris McArthur



Chris’s career began in the construction field working on geotechnical drilling sites in Canada and abroad. In doing so, he learned about soil conditions, water and their possible effects on structural integrity. The result was a desire to learn more.

After returning to Ottawa, Chris gained valuable experience in construction through hands on experience in many different disciplines from framing and concrete to finishingdeteails. However, his interest in structural integrity and the possible effects of water led him into a career in Foundations.

For over 15 years Chris worked in foundation waterproofing and structural repair in the National Capital Region, specializing in finding solutions to problems that others couldn’t.  Through this experience he learned to think outside the box and realized how little people understood the strength of water and how small changes or lack of maintenance can create issues in our homes.

Since 2017 Chris has been an executive board member for OntarioACHI (Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors), working with industry and government partners to improve the home inspection industry.


In addition to receiving a Resources Drilling Diploma from Sir Sandford Fleming College and Home Inspector Certification (2009) from Algonquin College, Chris has successfully completed several provincial ministry courses.Ottawa Home Inspector- Chris McArthur

His technical training includes:

  • Asbestos awareness and abatement
  • Mould remediation
  • Infrared training
  • Ontario ONsite Sweage training
  • Radon testing

To maintain and expand his experience as well as be at the forefront of changes in the building industry, Chris actively continues his professional development through continuing education as a member of OntarioACHI and  CAHPI.

As a result, Chris has been recognized for his experience and education with the highest certification available from OntarioACHI and CAHPI.




One of Chris’s strength’s is his ability to openly communicate ideas in a way that clients understand. By making sure clients understand issues found during an inspection as well as the possible implications, they can better make educated decisions for themselves.


Born and raised in Ottawa, Chris can be found most often at the rink or playing field coaching soccer, baseball or hockey. He is active in the community and is raising two boys with his wife in the East end.

With Chris McArthur’s qualifications and experience clients should feel confident that they will be able to make an informed decision about their potential investment.  With his friendly demeanour, communication skills, and a passion for sharing knowledge, Chris will always provide clients with an objective and informative evaluation of the property.